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What is the difference between a Legal Separation & Divorce?

You most likely have heard the term “Legal Separation” and “Divorce” but may not know what those terms mean or the difference between them. The most simplistic explanation is that both a Legal Separation and a Divorce offer spouses the ability to obtain orders for child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, separate and community property characterization, division of property and complex property issues, however at the conclusion of a Legal Separation the parties maintain their marital status while at the end of a divorce the marital status is terminated. A Legal Separation is often used instead of a divorce for religious purposes.

Difference between a Date of Separation & Legal Separation?

Another confusion often made is between a “Date of Separation” and a “Legal Separation.” A legal separation is a lawsuit that allows parties to divide their assets and debts, determine custody, child and spousal support and many other issues while still maintaining their marital status.

In California, a date of separation occurs when one spouse decides that they do not want to continue the marriage and their actions confirm this decision. It is significant in California because it determines whether or not an asset or debt is separate property or community property. The date of separation is often used as the date to divide assets and debts and plays an important role in determining the length of spousal support for marriages shorter than ten years. Determining the date of separation can be a complicated decision and should be one discussed with an attorney. Both divorces and legal separation actions require a determination of the date of separation.

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